The International Conference of

Refugees, Security, and Sustainable Development in the Middle East:

The Need for North South Dialogue

Refugees Displaced Persons and Forced Migration Studies Center

Yarmouk University

15-16 March 2016


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Refuge and displacement issues became on of the most important issues facing the World especially in the Era of Arab Spring and Caused economic, political, social and demographic consequences on the host communities, at the Arab region level, or at global level.

Forced migration waves in the region have resulted a parallel momentum for population movements abroad towards Europe and West Countries in general, which led to the emergence of a growing security concerns there, in addition to the developmental burdens that may be imposed by such migrations in the receiving countries, especially the European Union countries.

So the relationship between Refugees, security and development issues became an international concern that needs intensive joint efforts of both sending and receiving countries; to alleviate human pain of refugees and preserve their rights, along with creating an advanced dialogue between the receiving countries of the North and sending countries of South, in order to build a work system at the global level to preserve the refugees' dignity and the rights of receiving countries at the same time.

Here lies the importance of organizing such conference at this particular time, in order to build a clear framework to launch dialogue between the countries sending refugees and the countries and communities receiving them, so as to alleviate the burdens imposed by forced migrations and what would lead to sharing such burdens between those countries on one hand, and to maximize developmental opportunities that may occur from these movements.



Conference Objectives:

1.      Shed light on Refuge and displacement movements in the Middle East, especially in the era of the Arab Spring.

2.      Clarify the various implications of the forced migration movements particularly the security consequences at the internal level of each country or the region and the world.

3.      Clarify the mutual relationship between migration movements (especially the forced migrations) and sustainable development both within the host countries and at the global level.

4.      Review the latest scientific and academic approaches in addressing the issue of refugees, security and sustainable development.

5.      Review of opportunities and possibilities for rehabilitation of refugees, especially to provide education opportunities for them.



Conference Topics:

First: Forced migration movements in the Arab region during the Arab Spring era.

Second: Refugees and global security.

Third: Refugees and sustainable development in the host countries.

Fourth: Refugees and the need for North-South dialogue

Fifth: Research and scientific additions in the fields of forced migration, security and sustainable development.

Sixth: Refugee education is an entrance for sustainable development in the region.  


  1. Officials and representatives of governments of the host countries.

  2. International organizations concerned in to refugees and migration, human rights and sustainable development issues.

  3. Local, regional and global civil society organizations dealing with asylum, human rights, migration and sustainable development issues.

  4. Parliamentarians in the host countries of the refugees.

  5. Academics at universities inside and outside Jordan, people who have expertise and scientific production in tackling immigration, human rights and sustainable development.

  6. Independent researchers.

  7. Journalists and media.


Conference Languages:

         Arabic or English.

Important dates:

Thursday 28/1/2016: Deadline for acceptance of papers titles.

Thursday 25/2/2016: Deadline for receiving accepted papers


Refugees, Displaced Persons, and Forced Migration Studies Center

Yarmouk University

P. O. Box 566             Irbid 21163     Jordan

Tel.: (+962-2) 7211111 ext. 3602 & 3603

Fax:  (+962-2) 7211116


Director: Dr. Abdel Baset Athamneh



In compliance with gracious directions of His Royal Highness, Al-Hassan Bin Talal, Refugees, Displaced Person, And Forced Migration Studies Center had been established at Yarmouk University according to the Higher Education Council resolution No. (1396) dated on 28/7/1997.

The Center aims at achieving the following:


Conducting and encouraging research and studies on issues relating to refuge and displacement which are worsening day by day as a global phenomenon affecting man and the Earth.


Teaching courses on forced migration issues at the University as optional requirements in the academic disciplines.


Development of awareness and realization of issues related to forced migration and its several consequences on humanity.


Publication of newsletters and other printed material related to forced migration, and exchanging them with similar research centers in the world.


Holding conferences and symposiums about the different issues related to refuge and displacement.


Training local and regional staffs working on refugee care in order to enable them to cope with emergencies.

  Latest studies:

 n Poverty Diagnosis in Two Refugee Camps-Jordan (2009).

 n The Legal and Socio-economic Conditions of Iraqi Residents in Jordan (2010)

 n The Intention of Iraqis in Jordan towards Return to Iraq or to be resettled in a Third State (2011).

 n  The center is conducting a new field research on "Gender Differences as a Cause for Unemployment and Poverty in Refugee Camps"