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The president of YU, Prof. Zeidan Kafafi, and the representative of the Questscope for the Social Development in the Middle East, Dr. Majdi Al Qorom signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). The MOU aimed at holding cooperation between the two sides to implement a project entitled "Youth's persistence to enhance joint participation between host communities and refugees to build peace and to support local development". Funded by the European Trust Fund "Madad" in partnership with World Vision, the project aims at creating social support centers that target Jordanian and Syrian children in civil institutions who are "at risk".

The MOU also aims at building the capacity of the Jordanian youth in general and the students of Jordanian universities, in particular, through founding volunteer clubs within the program of "Al-Sadeeq". The program targets juveniles benefiting from the social defense centers and institutions of the Ministry of Social Development (convicts and detainees), and children aged (12-18) who are at risk.

The MOU also aims at promoting the concept of volunteering in local community institutes through crowding volunteers and training them, and at enhancing the abilities and skills of volunteering students to be able to work with the children "at risk".

The president stressed the desire of YU to enhance cooperation with various civil institutes, particularly those that support children and vulnerable groups. The president also pointed that signing such a memorandum would provide training opportunities for the students of the departments of Psychological Counseling and Special Education in the Faculty of Education, in addition to providing a platform for postgraduate students to carry out research studies in this field.

For his part, Al Qorom said that the association is keen to reactivate their cooperation with YU after the success of the previous experience they had with them. He also added that according to the memorandum, a social support center will be founded at the University to train students. In his speech, Al Qorom stated that the association is a non-governmental and non-profit institution that was established in the UK in 1988 and started work in Jordan in 1994 as an international association under a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Social Development. The association targets poor and marginalized groups in society and works on implementing a number of educational and developmental programs in various regions of Jordan with the aim of improving the quality of life and alleviating the burdens and pressures suffered by the groups most in need in society.

Vice president, Dr. Fawwaz Al-Abed Al-Haq, the Dean of the Faculty of Education, Dr. Nawwaf Shatnawi, and a number of officials from both sides attended the meeting.

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