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At invitation of the Translation Department, Professor Myriam Salama-Carr, a professor of Translation Studies at  the University of Manchester gave a lecture on "Languages and Conflict" at YU in the presence of Vice President Prof. Fawwaz Al-Abed Al-Haq.

At the beginning of the lecture, the head of the Translation Department, Dr. Mohammed Obeidat, welcomed Dr. Salama-Carr and asserted the keenness of the Department to educate their students on translation issues, which could enhance their academic performance.

During the lecture, Dr. Salama-Carr discussed how Translation Studies focuses on the role of language in conflict and war, and the importance of translation ethics, as well as the impact of the translator's ideology on translation.

Dr. Salama-Carr also pointed to the recent challenges that face translators in general, and interpreters as well as the researchers in the field of translation.

At the end of the lecture, Dr. Salama-Carr answered questions and queries from the audience.

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