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The vice president of YU, prof. Anis Khasawneh met a delegation from the Erasmus+ office that included Dr. Ammar Al-Maaytah, expert of international relations, and several officials. During the meeting, the two sides discussed how YU can benefit from Erasmus+ projects. The meeting was attended by the director of the Department of International Relations and Projects, Dr. Mwaffaq Al-Otoom.

At the beginning of the meeting, prof. Khasawneh confirmed the importance of enhancing scientific research as well as faculty staff participation in various kinds of international projects, particularly the ones supported by the European Union like Erasmus+ in terms of students exchange or developing higher education, adding that such projects have positive impact on researchers as well as students.

Khasawneh also stressed the keenness of YU, represented by the department of international relations, to enhance international relations with different international academic institutions and to encourage YU academic staff and students to benefit from such programs. He also stressed the importance of cooperation among researchers from various Jordanian universities in coordination with the ministry of Higher Education and   the Ministry of Planning to get fund for scientific projects through Erasmus+, which embodies the principle of partnership among them and enhances their chances for achieving internationalization.

For his part, Al-Maaytah encouraged researchers from different Jordanian universities to apply for the Erasmus+ Fund, pointing out that the budget for the years 2010-2017 is doubled due to the importance of the projects that have been applied since 2014. These projects, he added, benefited both the EU countries and the Arab countries, particularly the Mediterranean countries, and provided good opportunities for Jordanian universities to build global partnerships and enhance their chances for internationalization.   

During their visit, the members of the delegation gave a lecture on the Erasmus+ program for education, training and sport for the period 2014-2010.The program provides good opportunities for MA, and PhD students as well as the teaching staff in higher education institutions around the world. In the lecture, Al-Maaytah reviewed the programs and the projects that Erasmus+ is carrying out in Jordan, such as the mobility and exchange program, institutional competences building projects, and virtual exchange program.  


Al-Maaytah further explained that the virtual exchange program provides opportunities for young people to connect in safe online facilitated dialogue to discuss current issues that matter to them, develop a better understanding of each other, build meaningful relationships across borders and cultures, and practice important employability skills.