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Aiming at opening horizons of exchange of experiences for the institutionalization of work between the two sides, Yarmouk University, represented by Princess Basma Center for Jordanian Women’s Studies, signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Committee for Women’s Affairs. Such an exchange will help implement the activities of the training program for members of elected councils in the North Region (governorate, municipal, and local councils) at Yarmouk University. The activities will be implemented in their first stage in partnership with the Hayvos Foundation –“Women Empowerment for Leadership Project in Trade and Professional Syndicates and Political Parties”.

Kafafi stressed that the committee’s officials and Yarmouk University, represented by Princess Basma Center for Jordanian Women’s Studies, are all keen to support and implement the goal of empowering, training, and refining women skills in order to qualify them to claiming leadership positions. This in return will contribute to their experiences and knowledge and will eventually contribute to the development of the Jordanian society and motivate Jordanian women in all regions of the Kingdom to strive for their own self-development. Also, he expressed the university's readiness to be the host for such a training program. Then he talked about the possibility of hosting participants in the program at Yarmouk University to promote a participatory approach and develop relationships with members of the local community, pointing out that serving the local community is one of the main goals of the university.

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In turn, Shreddem thanked Yarmouk University for its permanent cooperation with the National Committee for Women’s Affairs, which seeks to promote the integration of gender equality measures through planning national policies and programs. She explained that the Committee adopts a gender equality mechanism in recognition of the importance of gender equality and women's empowerment in achieving national priorities. She then praised the great steps taken by Yarmouk University in the field of supporting women and enabling them to gain access to academic and administrative leadership positions at the university itself.

Noteworthy that this meeting was attended by Prof. Anis Khasawneh, Vice President of Administrative Affairs, the Director of Princess Basma Center for Jordanian Women, Dr. Amna Khasawneh, and a number of university officials and officials from the National Committee for Women Affairs.