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Award System and Procedures


The award is a scientific project aimed at providing students of Jordanian universities with the tools of scientific research, and motivating them to provide methodological approaches on political, economic, social and intellectual phenomena at the local Jordanian, Arab, Islamic or international level; it is organized by the Middle East Studies Center in cooperation with a number of Jordanian universities with the support of Hayat Fund for Education.

The award is keen to provide a specialized training course for developing research skills of students to help them prepare their research plans, and write their researches. The award also enables students to benefit from the expertise of academic colleagues and instructors at any Jordanian university and it is available to all Jordanian university students from all specializations.

First: conditions for applying for the award

When delivering the research, the applicant should be a regular student at any Jordanian university either in the BA or MA.

Second: Registration steps

  1. The student registers his or her personal information on the registration form on the award website or on its Facebook page, or by contacting the award coordinator, or registering in person.
  2. Registration is available until 21/03/2019.
  3. The student confirms his registration by contacting the award coordinator, or by email.
  4. The student selects one of the presented titles in the following frames: local Jordanian, Arab, Islamic and Arab-Israeli conflict, international. The student is allowed to prepare a research on the topic.
  5. The student submits his research plan and follows up with the award coordinator.

Third: Competitive search terms and terms of submission

  1. The search should be authentic and never published before in any way.
  2. It should adopt a modern scientific research approach.
  3. It should have margins and references according to the scientific origins of the research.
  4. The research can be a part of the graduation project or the master's thesis on condition of submitting it before being discussed.
  5. It must be written in a correct language, with a summary of no more than 500 words containing the most important points as well as results.
  6. It should not be less than 6, 000 words.
  7. It must be printed on the WinWord system, with a font size of 16, simplified Arabic with attention to the formats of headings, paragraphs, margins, and page numbering.
  8. It should be presented in one hard copy without binding, and it should be signed by the participant electronically in WORD and PDF.

Fourth: Award Procedures

  1. Registration begins on the day of the announcement of the award on Saturday 02/02/2019, via , e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., ads. , telephone calls, or certified websites, and it ends on Thursday 21/03/2019.
  2. Registered students shall submit the initial research plan and its basic references as of Saturday 02/02/2019 to Thursday 30/05/2019.
    Registered students are invited to attend a free training course entitled "Research skills development" within one week of the completion of the registration.
  3. Saturday evening, 31/08/2019 is the deadline for presenting researches when the participating student signs on the authenticity of the research.
  4. The research shall be presented to two trustees appointed by the higher committee supervising the award in the field and their opinion shall be final in the evaluation of the research. In case the grades vary by more than 30 degrees, the research is sent to a third trustee to choose the right option according to the grades.
  5. The competing students, whose evaluations exceed 50 out of 80, are invited to an interview with a specialized committee.
  6. The final results shall be announced at a press conference after being approved by the Higher Committee.
  7. A special honoring ceremony will be held for the winners and participants in one of the universities during Oct 2019 where certificates, rewards and gifts are presented.
  8. Financial rewards and certificates are presented to students participating in the award who did not win.
  9. A financial reward is offered to each university professor supervising the research of a winning student.
  10. Organizing agencies publish the abstracts of the winning research on their websites.
  11. The winning researches can be published after being subject to arbitration for publication purposes, and after conducting observations.
  12. The researches submitted to the award shall not be returned to its owners, whether it has won or not; no researcher shall be entitled to submit his research to another agency after the permission of the Higher Committee.

Fifth: Financial Rewards

First: 1000 JDs

Second: 750 JDs

Third: 500 JDs

Forth: 400 JDs