Dear students

Students who have submitted electronic applications for admission to the university for the undergraduate level on the parallel program should know the result of his application through the link (click here)

First: If the application result is (accepted), you must access to the following link to complete the admission procedures, pay the fees, and register the courses automatically (click here).

Second: If the application result is (initially accepted), you must review Yarmouk University - Admission and Registration Department to complete the admission procedures, along with the required supporting documents below.

vidoe on the automated acceptance of students:


Any student who has an old university number should review the concerned registrar at the Admission and Registration Department.

you can complete the admission procedure on  Wed. 13/10/2021 and Thu. 14/10/2021 until 12:00 pm.

Whoever does not complete the admission procedures after this date will be refrained from applying.

The supporting documents required for students who have an initial admission

1- The original high school transcript or a copy of it certified by the Jordanian Ministry of Education and in the Arabic language.

2- A certified copy of the passport or birth certificate.

3- Students of Syrian nationality should bring a copy of the security card.

4- If the mother’s nationality is Jordanian, bring a duly certified proof of that.

We would like to remind you of the need to comply with the Defense Order No. (32) which requires a (green Sanad) for students to enter the university campus or to bring a negative (PCR) examination with a negative result that is valid for (72) hours, and to follow the public safety guidelines.

We wish you good luck and success to see you on campus at the beginning of the first semester 2021-2022

names of the first batch

names of the second batch

names of the third batch

names of the fourth batch

names of the fifth batch



Director of Admission and Registration Department

Khaled Al-Hammoury

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