Yarmouk University welcomes you and congratulates you on your acceptance and wishes you success in your university life. We would like to note that all the admission and registration procedures for the new students at Yarmouk University will be completely electronic. Therefore, there is no need for students or their families to come to review the university, according to the (admission dates and electronic registration).

To facilitate the admission process and electronic registration procedures, a (guide and an educational video) have been prepared explaining all the steps that the student needs during the admission and registration processes.

The student can then make the payment electronically through the service (e.fawateercom) or through the exchange shops or banks using the electronic payment code that appears to the student during the electronic registration process. After completing the payment process, the student receives a final acceptance notice through which he can register a study package automatically.

The notice contains the date and place of the student's level at the university campus. The (electronic map) helps the student to reach the laboratory specified for his exam. The student can obtain the (guiding information about the level exam and its forms) as well as the (important guiding videos) that enable the student to complete the activation of his e-mail and other important electronic services.

We would like to remind you of the need to bring a civil status ID or passport when attending to take the level exams, follow the public safety guidelines, and abide by the Defense Order No. (32) which requires a (green Sanad) for students to enter the university campus or bring a negative (PCR) examination with a result valid for a period of ( 72) hours.

Note that the phrases in blue above are links to access the required procedures.

We wish you success and we look forward to seeing you on campus at the beginning of the first semester.