The Deanship of Student Affairs at Yarmouk University invites students who wish to benefit from a financial aid in the amount of (9) hours of study from the university for the first semester of the academic year 2021/2022 to review the Deanship of Student Affairs (Al-Masiya Hall) from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to receive the approved form for this purpose, as of Sunday, 8/8/2021. The last date for submitting the application to the same place supported by the required documents is Thursday, 19/8/2021. Students targeted include:

- Orphans whose families receive a monthly aid from the Ministry of Social Development.

- Those whose parents are unable to work for health reasons or are very old and do not have a stable income.

- Those who have two or more siblings studying in universities and have low incomes.

- Those who suffer from social and family problems that affect their care.

Conditions for submitting the application:

  • The student should not be an envoy or an employee.
  • The student must not be studying in the parallel program or postgraduate studies
  • The student should not be a beneficiary of student support funds.
  • The student must be financially in need.
  • the student should not have been subjected to any valid disciplinary punishment of a warning level or more.
  • The student’s cumulative average should not be less than 60%.

Documents required to be attached with the application:

1- A copy of the family book, all pages

2- A recent document (proof of private support) for each sibling in the university or faculty (except for the siblings at Yarmouk University).

3- A copy of the national aid card for beneficiaries (valid)

4- Salary statement for (father) and (mother) – employee or retired. If neither was an employee or retired, bring a document from the Ministry of Finance (Irbid Finance Directorate) stating that there are no pension salaries

5- A statement of the heirs’ pension salary if the father is a deceased pensioner

6- Medical reports of diseases, if any

7- A lease contract, if any