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The Deanship of Students Affairs at Yarmouk University is delighted to invite students to benefit from four grants presented from the secretary general of the Jordanian Community Council in sisterly Kuwait, Mr. Nabil Al Abd Allah. The value of each grant is (1000) dinars paid only once.

Students interested in the grants should visit the Loans and Assistance Section/ Dept. of Students Services in the Deanship of Students Affairs, Office No. (121) to receive the application as of Thursday, 4/4/2019. The deadline for handing over the applications in addition to other required documents is Tuesday, 9/4/2019.


First: the student should be in need.

Second: the student should not be a scholarship student from any agency.

Third: The student should hold the Jordanian nationality.

Fourth: The student should not be charged with a disciplinary punishment of a warning and more.

Fifth: The student should have completed studying (32) certified hours with an average of not less than (80%).

Sixth: The student should not be an employee or a retired employee.

Seventh: the student should not study within the parallel program nor is he a postgraduate student.